Diane Murray

Content Marketing | Product Marketing | Inbound | Sales Enablement
Experienced marketing professional with >20 years of B2B and enterprise software marketing performance. Proven results by collaborating with sales teams, sales leaders, and subject experts to drive revenue. Passionate about building relationships with customers and partners and utilizing multi-channel platforms for compelling storytelling.

Pursuit of Performance Excellence

Significant improvements in financial performance are the result of a multi-faceted effort: this report includes selected highlights from a survey of manufacturers and producers that focuses on the role of plant performance metrics programs. The results illustrate approaches, business processes, and software technologies used today – and which ones correlate to dramatic business performance improvement. This report includes two of the top six take-aways about what works.

Conversational AI Buyer's Guide

This conversational AI Buyer's Guide covers all of the features you should look for when evaluating a conversational AI solution. Technical requirements include support for utterances, sentiment analysis, conferencing in other employees or conversations, long-running stateful conversations, low-code capabilities, enterprise data security, and integration with your current and future apps. What's inside: • About the conversational AI market • Common conversational AI use cases • Details on the buyer's guide selection criteria and platform capabilities • Instructions on how to use the guide • Comparisons on 16 different conversational AI platforms