Diane Murray

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Experienced marketing professional with >20 years of B2B and enterprise software marketing performance. Proven results by collaborating with sales teams, sales leaders, and subject experts to drive revenue. Passionate about building relationships with customers and partners and utilizing multi-channel platforms for compelling storytelling.

What is MES?

In the early days of MES (manufacturing execution system(s)), its scope was not very clear. It was certainly a product of data collection systems of the early 1980’s, and using data for a dedicated purpose. Long before that, the 1960’s and 1970’s witnessed the early steps of automated manufacturing, and laid the groundwork for the use, growth and standardization of digital communications connectivity in manufacturing. As computers became more common in manufacturing, the distinction between the different ‘levels’ of manufacturing were needed to provide a framework for optimal design, operation, control, and reporting. Along the way, the boundaries between ERP and MES, and MES and SCADA (and process control systems) became blurred, because functionality often overlapped. Even as distinctions were being made, systems providers and integrators, along with their innovative solutions continued to contribute to the confusion around the scope of MES.

Manufacturing Execution and Intelligence Systems

Epicor manufacturing execution and intelligence systems help you make the right decisions with accurate, clear, and timely manufacturing data. No matter what size business you run, we keep everyone in the loop, and put production and operations metrics into the hands of the people who need it most: leaders who define strategies and teams that put tactics into play. By focusing on operational performance within your plant or across the plant network, we help you reduce costs and make decisions faster.